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Gears We Never Use

"Life is like a ten-speed bicycle,
we all have gears we never use"

— Charles M. Schulz


In February 2015 Gary Taylor, from Ipswich, set off to cycle around the world for charity. Keep up to date via this website and through the channels below!

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Gear List

Here's a list of all the equipment I'll be using to get me around the world. Click the + and - buttons to expand/collapse each category for full itemised lists.

Bike +
Bike Ridgeback Voyage 2010 9162g
Pedals Shimano M324s 533g
Saddle Brooks B17 520g
Rims Mavic A719s x 2 1188g
Tyres Schwalbe Marathon Plus x 2 1500g
Front Hub Shimano Alfine DH-S501 570g
USB charger Bike2Power LightCharge Brokeg
Front Rack M Part FLRB 540g
Rear Rack Tortec Expedition 904g
Bike Accessories +
Front Light Busch & Muller 76g
Rear Light Lezyne Femto 31g
Front Panniers Ortlieb Front Roller Classics 1590g
Rear Panniers Ortlieb Rear Roller Classic 1844g
Handlebar Bag Ortlieb Hip Pack 3L 470g
Pump Truflo Mini Track Pump 228g
Water Bottle Torq 85g
Top Tube Bag Roswheel (Ebay, Cheap) 106g
Seatpost bag Alpkit Airlok Extra 207g
Fuel Bottle Orange Bikes W/ Bike Buddy 193g
Stem Bag Alpkit Stem Cell Sent Homeg
Tent Dry Bag Alpkit Airlok 35L 359g
Speedo Sigma 509 24g
Camping +
Tent Vango Banshee 200 Sent Homeg
Groundsheet 1.8 x 1.2 Tarpaulin 323g
Sleeping Mat Thermarest RidgeRest (Cut) 228g
Sleeping Bag Trek And Field 1294g
S/Bag Liner Trekmates Fleece Liner 345g
Bivvy Bag Alpkit Hunka XL 466g
Tarp DD 2.8m x 1.5m 489g
Cooking +
Stove Trangia 115g
Pot Stand Custom (Stainless Steel) 61g
Pots Snow Peak 900 177g
Spork Alpkt Ti Snapwire Given awayg
Cloths Microfibre x3 77g
Windshield Custom (Foil tray) 29g
Washing liquid 50ml in bottle 67g
Electronics & Camera +
Electronic Bag Naturehike orange bag 125g
Camera Olympus Epl-1 361g
Camera Charger USB + 5 Batteries 257g
Tripod Gorilla Pod Lostg
Phone Samsung S5830 + 4 x Batteries 214g
Garmin W/Bag Lostg
Backup Power Old Ebay Chinese Thing 152g
Travel Adapter Worldwide Mains Adapter 117g
Headtorch Old Cheap 70g
Data backup USB sticks and SD Cards 63g
Cables Etc Various Cables / Adapters 203g
Earphones Sennheiser In-Ear 10g
Solar Panel With Battery Pack 108g
Headtorch 2 EBay Cheap W/ Power Backup 137g
Laptop Asus X200M 1200g
Cosmetic +
Towel Microfibre Travel Towel 135g
Soap Dove 100g
Deodorant RightGuard 95g
Toothbrush Generic sawn-off 6g
Toothpaste Colgate Sensitive 50ml 76g
Repellent Boots 50% Deet 137g
Detergent Washing Powder For Clothes 234g
Lip Balm Aussie Stuff 16g
Cosmetic Bags Dry Bag + Small Pack 108g
Suncream Boots Kids x 3 148g
Medical Kit +
Bag Sandwich Bag 4g
Scissors Wilkinsons Nail Scissors 13g
Wipes Antiseptic x2 4g
Plasters 2 x Sm, 2 x Lg, 1 x 30cm Strip 8g
Steri-Strips 3 x (6mm x 75mm) 5g
Dressing Self Adhesive Patch 2g
Dressing 12cm x 12cm 15g
Ibuprofen Gel Morrisons 10% 60g
Germolene W/Anaesthetic 27g
Rehydration Sainsburys x 8 Sachets 50g
Ibuprofen 24 x 400mg tablets 26g
Diarrhoea Immodium x 18 Pills 10g
Purification Oasis Tablets x 100 19g
Antihistamines Co-Op Own Brand x 14 Pills 4g
Inhalator Generic 7g
Eye Wash Saline Solution 20ml 24g
Miscellaneous +
Book Crime And Punishment 242g
Book Life In The Woods 195g
Main Lock Kryptonite 546g
Shock Cord ~8m W/Carabiner 75g
Real Wallet With Passport Etc 88g
Day Bag Rock Shoulder Bag 163g
Toilet Roll Varies 40g
Keys Door and Lock 36g
Notepad Notepad 213g
Padlock Dunno 56g
Compass Tiny 2g
Mesh Bag For Laundry Etc 21g
Paperwork Documents In Folder 269g
Cash Pod With Cash In 9g
Mossie Net Lifesystems Solo 615g
Clothing +
Sunglasses BBB w/clear lenses Lostg
Underwear Boxers x 3 224g
Socks Mixed x 7 334g
Baselayer Top Altura Merino 235g
Riding Shorts Endura Mesh Binnedg
Riding Shorts DHB Binnedg
Shorts Slazenger Black 154g
Shorts Brown 229g
Trousers Karrimor Grey 291g
Trackpants Wilson 261g
T-shirt Re~Cycle Lostg
T-shirt Karrimor Grey 144g
Shirt Floral 170g
Medium Fleece Peter Storm 475g
Shoes Northface Hedgehog GTX Binnedg
Flip Flops Just Flip Flops 182g
Sun Hat Vicky's Binnedg
Cycling Gloves Endura Mighty Mitts 57g
Jewellery 1 x Ring 1 x Bracelet 24g
Helmet Giro 286g
Shoes Adidas Running Shoes 600g
Long Shirt Grey 242g
Cold/Wet weather +
Rain Trousers Mountainlife cheap 320g
Rain Jacket Berghaus Stormcloud 299g
Over Gloves Weise Motorbike 94g
Grey Hat H&M 77g
Keffiyeh Black and White 185g
Gloves Endura Dexter 102g
Down Jacket Kathmandu Heli 442g
Tool Kit +
Bag SpeedPark Top Tube 242g
Knife Leatherman Skeletool 141g
Box Of Bolts Hose Clamps, Allen Bolts, Etc 192g
Wrenches Small Adjustable and 10mm 49g
Puncture Kit Patches And Glue 22g
Saddle Care Brooks Proofride + Cloth 59g
Tyre Levers Schwalbe x 3 35g
Chain Lube Finish Line Red 48g
Cleaning Tool Old Toothbrush 9g
Cleaning Cloth Old Rag 27g
Gloves Disposable Latex 50g
Cassette Tool Next Best Thing 2 26g
Wipes From Restaurants 26g
Chain Breaker Park Tool CT-5 75g
Tent Repair Various Bit & Pieces 76g
Pannier Repair Patches Etc 39g
Glues 1 x Super Glue, 1 x Epoxy 36g
Useful Stuff Cable Ties, Duct Tape Etc 94g
Sewing Kit Needle, Thread, Pins 5g
Allen Keys 1.5mm-6mm And T15 90g
Repair Silicone Sugru x 4 Packets 23g
Spoke Tool Spokey 13g
Spares +
Inner Tubes Schwalbe x 2 249g
Tyres Folding Marathon Tour x 2 Usedg
Cables 2 x Brake, 3 x Gear 85g
Ortlieb Clips QL1 Hooks x 2 59g
Brake Pads Full Set x 3 88g
Outer Cables A Couple Of Bits I Had Spare 95g
Bag Alpkit Dry Bag 34g
Straps And Bungee Cords 253g
Food +
Couscous Usually 500g 510g
Honey In Squeeze Bottle 617g
Olive Oil Sainsburys 500ml 487g
Mackerel Tins x 4 581g
Bags 2 x Dry Bags + 1 x Large 273g
Salt In Small Bottle 151g
Pepper Sainsburys 39g